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Gateway Business Sales provides consulting services for business owners and strategic buyers/investors seeking to expand through acquisition. Our team of advisors is experienced and expert in all phases of buying and selling businesses and can tap our productive affiliations with M&A partners, investment bankers, attorneys and CPAs. Our experience and professional networks enable us to identify potential acquisition targets while providing a strategy to successfully execute the plan. 



  • GBS will consult with you through the entire process. You can count on us to:

  • Recommend the deal structure and terms, such as down payment, deferred payments, stock options, employment contracts

  • Develop safeguards such as earn-out provisions and contingency plans to help assure your investment is protected

  • Estimate the value of acquisition targets

  • Present the deal structure and opportunity to the seller

  • Develop acquisition/merger business models to estimate profitability

  • Negotiate terms

  • Draft the term sheet for acquisition

  • Coordinate the transition with your attorney and CPA

  • Get the deal closed 


  • Creating a prospectus that contains your vision, opportunities and the benefits of joining your company

  • Writing “teaser” letters and e-mails that outline the opportunities while maintaining the confidentiality of your company

  • Developing a profile of the types of companies you seek to acquire

  • Compiling a database of target acquisition companies

  • Planning and implementing a lead-generation campaign that includes letters, e-mails and telemarketing


Every potential transaction requires thorough due diligence, a task that becomes even more critical when you’re purchasing a business. For this vital step in the process, GBS will:

  • Get non-disclosure agreements signed 

  • Ascertain the current owners’ desires, needs and vision

  • Assess the “value drivers” of the target company, including   strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

  • Clarify the historic net after-tax cash flow and estimate future cash flow

  • Estimate the synergistic savings that may be realized by integrating the company into your enterprise

  • Estimate the value of the target business

  • Create forward-looking cash flow models to project the profits that may be realized by acquiring the business

  • Perform background checks on the target company and owners

  • Provide an overall assessment of the opportunity


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