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As part of our buy-side acquisition strategy, GBS has developed a suite of special consulting services to assist those already in the process of purchasing a business. The steps in the process often require focused expertise and experience to assure that the transaction is the right one for you, is exactly what it appears to be and can be consummated with minimal expense — and no surprises — for you.


To help you achieve all these objectives, we’re delighted to offer the following services:



When you’re purchasing a business, do you know what that entity is really worth? Can you put a price tag on the core values of that business? Without the right answers to such questions, you may be overpaying. We’ll provide a comprehensive review and assessment of the financial records of the target business, and we’ll use the results as the basis for a solid valuation.


Our work with business sellers has familiarized us with all valuation methods — whether standard or exotic — used in the industry. Thus, we’re uniquely well positioned to determine an opinion of valuation that, because of its credibility, will facilitate the purchase process.


We would be pleased to customize this service for your needs. For example, if you require an industry-specific review and valuation, the experience of our team members is so broad that we’re able to provide exactly what you need.



If your negotiating experience is limited, the prospect of sitting across the table from business owners and their lawyers can seem intimidating. That’s where GBS can help. We’re veteran deal negotiators — and we’ve been on both sides of the table. Once you brief us on your goals, we’ll be prepared to formulate your offer and advance your interests by accepting only those modifications that you authorize.

Moreover, negotiations don’t necessarily end once an offer is accepted. Items may be negotiated throughout the escrow process, often resulting in amendments and addenda to the basic sales agreement. When GBS represents you in a negotiation, our service continues through that post-agreement phase.


Due diligence is a key component of virtually all transactions, since most buyers want to ensure that the presentation of the business by the seller is an accurate reflection of the company. When you engage us for due diligence assistance, we’ll coordinate that entire operation for you. We will, of course, dig into the financials to make sure everything is as stated.

As part of our due diligence drill, we also may visit the target business and provide a complete site analysis. We’ll review terms of the current lease and, with your authorization, we can initiate discussions on a new, extended or modified lease. If our due diligence exercise indicates the need for a more involved analysis, we’ll link you to appropriate outside experts. 


We know your overall goal is to purchase a business. But to achieve that goal, you need a master strategy and a plan that embody that strategy. Having brokered many business sales, GBS can help you conceptualize your strategy and develop a blueprint for implementation.

Our assistance includes helping you prepare the required financial information for lenders, landlords, advisors and sellers. The plan we develop with you will include action items that may be specific to your transaction, such as guidance through SBA and franchise requirements, ABC licenses and escrow.

Your plan will assure that you’re prepared for every step of the purchase process, leading to a smoother, quicker completion.

GBS offers many additional valuable services — all available to you. These services include:

  • Financing options, including SBA loans

  • Second opinions

  • Guidance through the escrow process

  • Steps to purchase

  • Franchise consulting

  • ABC licenses

  • Business plans

  • Strategic acquisitions


GBS will provide a comprehensive proposal outlining all services and fees on a per- engagement basis. Some clients may require our services on an hourly basis while others may prefer an overall project fee. We’re comfortable with the fee structure that works best for you. We also are available for conference calling, webinars and meetings at client-selected locations.


In the event GBS represents you and establishes an agency relationship of co-brokering with another broker and subsequently is compensated by the seller’s broker, certain fees may be reimbursed to you.


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