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One of the most critical steps in selling your business is determining a credible valuation for your company, a valuation both documented and supportable. GBS will establish a price range for your business based on the most common industry formulas and methodologies. With that valuation in hand, you’ll be well prepared for a profitable transition. 

Opinion of Value

GBS is pleased to offer prospective clients an appraisal based on an “Opinion of Value” — an estimate of an individual perception at a point in time of anticipated benefits that recognizes both the risk of attainment and the time until those benefits are received. For the purposes of our business appraisal, fair market value is defined as the expected price at which the subject business would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under a compulsion to conclude the transaction and both having full knowledge of all the relevant facts. 

Formal Valuation/Third Party

We work with several industry-leading business and equipment valuation firms to facilitate your valuation—on time and within budget. We maintain an ever-growing database of valuation and liquidation firms and resources to help deliver quality valuations at competitive prices.

Valuation Process

Among the first steps in the sale of any business is determining the value of the company to be sold. If you’re a seller or prospective seller, GBS will help you answer two key questions: What is my business worth today? What can it be worth when I sell? 

GBS will provide you with a complete assessment of your business and outline various sales options while helping you develop realistic expectations for those options. We’ll plan and implement a customized sales and marketing strategy that will create demand for your company and drive optimal results.

Sources of Information

To develop the assessment, we’ll gather information from a variety of sources, including:

  • Meetings and interviews with you and your management team

  • Prior GBS business sales and comparative business sale transaction data from private-sale databases including but not limited to: BIZCOMPS, Biz Works powered by BizBuySell, BizStats and PeerComps

  • Your business financial statements over the most recent three years including but not limited to: tax returns, profit & loss statements, income statements, balance sheets

  • ValuTrax, the business-pricing software that has become the go-to tool for business brokers nationwide

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