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GREGG TOBIN (Principal) has been a business owner and operator for more than 25 years. He has sold seven of the companies he started or purchased and thus is a veteran of both sides of the negotiating table. As a result, he is uniquely well qualified to help you sell your business…and to understand the objectives of buyers. 

The figures tell a persuasive story. In California, only 30% of businesses listed for sale actually sell. Gregg Tobin outperforms the average by far, selling 70% of the businesses he lists for sale.* 

But the numbers are only part of the value proposition. Gregg says: “I’m more than familiar with the emotions of putting a business up for sale because I’ve been there so many times myself. I think that’s my single greatest advantage as a business broker. I understand the seller’s needs, and I understand the buyer’s needs. That puts me in a great position to negotiate and finalize a sale that’s sensitive to the concerns of all parties.” 

Because of Gregg’s considerable experience in transactions, he also knows that effective communication is the key to a timely closing. 

“Nobody likes surprises. That’s why one of my most important jobs is communicating regularly with the seller and educating the buyer. Deals often take longer than the principals expect, but effective communication helps control the flow and keep things on track.” 

*Based on performance over 60 months: Businesses sold — 102.

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