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You deserve the rewards of being a successful entrepreneur. You’ve worked hard, invested a great deal and sacrificed much to make your business successful. But selling your business is a major decision. When you sell it, you need to realize a return that justifies your expenditure of time and resources through the years — while providing you with sufficient finances to undertake your next venture, whether it’s a new business opportunity or retirement.

You’ll need a professional business intermediary and supporting group working on your behalf throughout the sale process. Your business broker must inspire your trust and confidence . . . and work closely with you every step of the way. That’s exactly the service Gateway Business Sales provides. As GBS builds our relationship with you, we’ll manage all the key elements of the sale process including:

  • Defining the process to ensure that the outcome is most favorable — and that there are no surprises along the way;

  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of your business while providing an analysis of current market trends to strategically position the company for sale;

  • Managing pre-transaction preparation and due diligence;

  • Developing a marketing plan and confidentially marketing your business through our extensive global database;

  • Identifying, screening, qualifying and educating buyers to make sure that all prospects are serious, qualified and have sufficient financial resources;

  • Negotiating and structuring a deal to optimize the best financial outcome; 

  • Developing a checklist of tasks and due dates to assure timely completion of the transaction; 

  • Facilitating buyer negotiations and financing . . . and coordinating the closing process.​


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