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Gateway Business Sales specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Brokerage and Consulting Services. That means you can be confident the GBS Team will guide and advise you at every step of a transaction. Our goal is to help business owners by designing optimal timetables and strategies to maximize the value of their businesses. 

Our services include:

  • Discovery Process — Our team of advisors will brainstorm with you and your management team (if applicable) to clarify your goals while analyzing all aspects of your company. We provide a list of documentation required to prepare the business for sale and take a ” big picture view” of the financial stability of the company.

  • Business Valuation Assessment — We’ll offer a comprehensive “Opinion of Value” by utilizing state-of-the-art software along with market-comparable sales to provide a report that’s favorable yet supportable. If needed, we’ll facilitate a formal valuation from one of the many independent valuation firms with which we’re affiliated. 

  • Structuring the Deal Offering — We’ll recommend selling price, terms and conditions.

  • Confidential Business Review (CBR) — The Selling Memorandum we create will be a comprehensive, customized, personalized company profile that includes the key business elements and summarized financial documents . . . and it will go well beyond that to offer additional information to prospective buyers. 

  • Buyer Prospecting & Qualification — Prospects will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), complete a Qualifying Buyer Profile and be pre-screened to assure that they’re financially qualified, capable of running the business and serious in their intent. We work with diverse buyers, including investment buyers, strategic buyers, entrepreneurial buyers, private equity firms and buyers seeking United States citizenship through the visa investment process. 

  • Multi-Channel Marketing — To identify prospective buyers, we utilize a mix of proven media and Internet resources while creating a target database and customizing a marketing plan for each client. We’ll discreetly market your business to qualified buyers and through our extensive network of advisors and partners.

  • Transaction Management — This is probably the most crucial step in the process — and GBS’ strongest asset. We are “Master Architects” who always take a proactive approach in our business methods. Our experience in facilitating the process may be unparalleled.

  • Pre-Transaction & Due Diligence Coordination — We provide our clients with a checklist of financial and business documents that buyers generally require for their due diligence. Preparation and coordination can simultaneously maximize value and enable the deal to flow smoothly.  

  • Negotiations — Our GBS team members are experienced, expert negotiators. This is an invaluable asset as you and your buyer strive for mutually acceptable terms. We assist in preparation of Letters of Intent (LOI), Term Sheets and Purchase Agreements, and we work with CPAs, attorneys and other advisors who may be involved in the process. 

  • Financing Networks — We’ve built an extensive network of financing sources — including SBA lenders, loan brokers, credit unions and banks — and we’ll link prospective buyers or acquiring companies to those sources. 

  • Lease Transfer/New Lease Assistance — Your buyer may need to be assured of a lease before the transaction is consummated. We’ll assist in this vital, yet unsung, aspect of the sale.

  • Guidance through Closing — GBS will be there to guide you through the closing process — including escrow, one of the final steps in the transaction yet one of the most important. We’ll be with you until the deal is done!


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