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Long a leading business broker, we’ve expanded and diversified

Since 2003, GBS — formerly Pacific Coast Business Brokers (PCBB) — has successfully brokered more than 200 transactions over a wide range of industries. PCBB became a regional leader in “Main Street” business sales while building a large network of clients in Southern California.


Now, Gregg Tobin, our founder and president, has tapped his affiliations with investment banking firms and business advisory groups to broaden our offerings to include mergers, acquisitions and related consulting services. We’ve expanded our sales team as well, so that we now serve businesses with an enterprise value from $100,000 to $5 million.

Our team members serve as “master architects,” helping businesses build a framework and a time frame for an ownership transition plan while clearly defining exit path options.


Though GBS has grown, our core value proposition remains unchanged: We maximize the value our clients receive for their businesses, simplify the process and build ongoing relationships with our clients. Our performance and results show this is more than rhetoric, as 75% of our engagements come from referrals from satisfied clients. 

Why “Gateway?”

Brothers Gregg and David Tobin grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Pittsburgh where their father, Sidney Tobin, founded Gateway Outdoor Advertising and grew it into the largest junior panel billboard company in the country until his untimely death in 1979. What better way to honor our father and role model then to use the name Gateway for our company . . . and incorporate his values in our business.

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